Do you have questions? You're not alone!

Aug 14, 2020

I’ve been getting a bunch of questions from people so I thought I would lay them all out for you here in one email

  • How is your teaching different than what I can find for FREE on YouTube?
    It's hard to organize the order of the material you are supposed to learn on YouTube as well as find a complete curriculum. You need something that organizes the course in a sequential pattern, from day 1 to the final day of the year so you leave confident that you aren't missing important concepts.

  • What is a good age for my child to begin this course?
    This course is geared for children as young as 5 years old to 18+.

  • What additional materials will I need for this course?
    None! Everything you need is included in the Premium course. If you decide to buy the Basic course, you will need to get/make flash cards as well as a theory workbook. All of this is included in the premium course.

  • What kind of instrument do I need for this course?
    You must have a piano in your home to take this course. For beginners it's ok to start out with a keyboard. If you are using a keyboard it is recommended to have 88 keys with weighted keys. The preferred instrument is an actual piano. Once your child advances to higher levels, they will have to have an actual piano and not a keyboard.

  • I already have a keyboard but it does not have 88 keys and the keys are not weighted, can I still use it?
    It is not recommended because you will quickly advance beyond the number of keys on that instrument. You will also need to build your finger strength, which non-weighted keys do not allow for.

  • What equipment do I need for this course?
    This course is available via desktop/laptop, ipad/tablet or even your mobile device. If you sign up for the Premium course to receive 1on1 instruction, you will need to have access to Skype, Google Duos, or other video conferencing software.

How much do I need to practice?
For the first level I recommend practicing 3-6 days per week 5-10 min per day. How much you will need to practice will increase with each level.

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