Piano helps the insecure child become confident

Aug 10, 2020

I want to share a quick story with you.

It’s about WHY I do what I do, and why I’d like to help YOU learn to teach your child piano.

I am naturally a very quiet person and used to struggle with being insecure at times. 

However, the confidence that I have gained over my years of instruction has been invaluable. It has helped a shy little girl come out of her shell and have confidence. 

It has helped in times of sadness or in times of joy to have an outlet to express myself through song. It has been a gift. I don’t want to be the only one that knows about this gift called being a pianist. I want to give the gift of playing piano to as many people as I possibly can. So I created a program that will help parents achieve this goal for their kids.

The reason I wanted to share my story with you is because I want you to know me. And I want you to know that piano can help your child, too.


If you want your child to have their confidence increased then give them the gift of music! It's a priceless gift! 

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