Taking the guesswork out of teaching piano.

Aug 17, 2020

I just thought I’d get personal with you and tell you something that most people DON’T know about me.

The truth is I used to not enjoy teaching piano. There was no materials that made it easy to teach. Nothing showed what to teach or when and how to teach it.

So what changed?

I created my course that made teaching easy and immediately I began absolutely loving teaching my students.

Not long after that I began teaching my own children piano and the clouds parted and the angels sang. Ok, maybe it wasn’t THAT grand of an experience, but it was pretty wonderful.

Teaching your own kids piano can be wonderful, but in order for you to enjoy and not dread the experience you need to use my course. It is the only one that takes out the guesswork of teaching piano and leaves only the fun of it all!

Honestly, you might also be afraid that you won't like teaching piano, the same way I felt at first.

I had to DIG DEEP. I had to open myself to LEARNING a new way to approach teaching. It took me a long time to figure it out because I had to do it on my own. 

Most of all, I had to see a different kind of future for myself, my children and my students, and I had to get to work.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe it really is your time to make a change, right

But listen... sometimes, SOMETHING has to change. Maybe this is that moment for you. Maybe it’s not. But I want you to know I’m here.

Transformation is possible. Progress is possible.


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