Teach your kids the notes on the piano in 4 easy steps!


It’s a lot easier than it sounds. If your child wants to learn to play one of the first things they should do is learn the keys on the piano.

Don’t use those stickers that tell you the keys. It is a huge handicap for kids that learn with stickers on the keys.

If you already have them on your piano/keyboard go ahead and take them off… Right now.

Ok, now that you’re back here is how to teach them the notes on the piano the right way :-)

Step 1: Have them identify the groups of 2 and groups of 3 black notes. Have them play all the groups of 2 black notes. Then have them play all the groups of 3 black notes. Once they master that move on to the next step

Step 2: Have them identify any group of 2 black notes. Have them play the white night directly before (to the left) the group of 2 black notes. That note is a C.

Have them play all the C’s on the piano. Once they master finding the C’s they can move on to the next step.

  • Note: be careful they are finding the white note before the group of 2 black notes and NOT before the group of 3 black notes.

Step 3: The piano is the alphabet A thru G. They know how to find C. The next white note up (to the right) is D, the next is E, the next is F, the next is G, the next is A, the next is B, the next is C again.

Have them play all the white notes starting at C and going up to the next C naming the notes as they play them: C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C. Once they master this move on the to final step.

  • Note: Remember the piano alphabet only goes to G, so once G is reached the next note has the alphabet start at the beginning: A.

Step 4: Have them find the notes on the piano in random order. For each note they find have them start at C and point to (not play) each note as they count up the alphabet until they reach  the note on the piano they are searching for.

For example, if they are want to find note G, have them point (not play) note C then D then E then F then G. Now play only the G note.

Two examples of countless options of random order are:



Practice: Have them practice finding the notes on the piano in random order daily. Regular practice of this will help them increase their speed at this skill as well as eventually eliminate their need for pointing to each note as they find the note they are looking for.

This will give them a strong foundation of the keys on the piano and give them a head start when they begin lessons!

No stickers needed! :-)

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