We finally got our saddle fixed

failure frustrating get back up horse learning piano piano saddle success teaching piano tools Jul 16, 2020

My oldest girl, liz, loves her horse. But her horse is lazy and would get mad anytime she’d ride it and would throw her off.

Literally. Everyday. For 3 moths. Liz was thrown to the ground.

Today Liz rode for the first time without being thrown!

It’s just like piano. Sometimes it’s hard to play, a song seems impossible to learn, it’s boring to practice. Don’t give up on those times! Stick with it; the end result is so worth it!

What made today different for Liz? Why did she succeed today when she failed so many other times?

We were told this horse could be ridden bare back easily. Every time she rode, it was bareback.

We finally got our saddle fixed and used the saddle for the first time today. Lo and behold, with the right tools she experienced success.

If you are feeling frustrating with piano take a minute and evaluate your circumstances. Do you have the right resources at your disposal to make even challenging songs fun to learn?

To succeed at anything we have to have the right help!

I’d love to brain storm with you the best tools for your child so that they are set up to succeed at the piano.

If you or your child is struggling with piano or afraid of such a big undertaking like learning piano reach out to me.  Email me or comment your struggles and lets make learning piano fun!

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