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homeschool piano teaching teaching piano welcome Jul 03, 2020

Have you wanted your child to take piano lessons, but couldn’t? Maybe the weekly cost was too much, or maybe there was no time in the schedule for another commitment. 

Whatever your reason for postponing lessons, it is time to put the reasons aside and start today. 

There is a false idea that in order for your child to learn to play piano you must pay hundreds of dollars each month for private instruction and piano materials. Granted, once a student reaches a certain intermediate and advanced levels, then a private instructor would be necessary to continue their progress. However, the early levels of piano can certainly be taught by any involved parent. You do not have to have years of private lessons to do this. You do not even have to have had one private lesson to do this. You just need the proper resources… ME!

Follow me as I use my years of teaching experience and break down how to teach beginning piano to your child. 

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