Why We Give Our Kids Piano Lessons

children community emotions friendships lifelong hobby piano lessons self worth success Jul 13, 2020

Why do we give our kids piano lesson? Is it so that they will play like Bethoveen and Bach? Wow, that would be awesome if that was the result, and it CAN be the result. Realistically though most kids won’t achieve that level of success. So then why lesson?

We give lessons to our kids for 4 reason.

The first reason is it is gives them a lifelong hobby. I love sports. They are so much fun and they teach so many good character traits like good sportsmanship and team building. However, I don’t know many 40 year old moms on a soccer team. Sports, while fun, are not typically a hobby that lasts with us forever. It is for a season. Music, however, can be a hobby that lasts with us literally until the day we die. It is a hobby we will never outgrow.

Another reason we give our children piano lessons is it builds self worth through enabling musicians to express their emotions. I joke that my husband can tell what kind of mood I’m in based on the song I am playing on the piano. It is a healthy method of expressing the emotions that come our way in life.

In playing, we not only give our children a healthy outlet for their feelings, but we also increase their self worth. The more they play and see growth and accomplishments the more they begin to believe in themselves. The more they perform and play for family and friends and feel celebrated in those moments the more they realize they have achieved something most people have not. Piano is a tool parents use to tangibly show their children in this negative world that “You have talented. You are special.”

Lastly, we teach our children piano because it gives them a community of like minded individuals that they will forever be apart of. There is nothing more fun than playing with a group of musicians and all of a sudden the music created something unexpectedly wonderful and everyone in the band makes eye contact, smiles, and knows… that was a powerful moment. Whether its in a band or church worship team or whatever it might be bringing music into our children’s lives gives them opportunities for friendships and relationships they wouldn’t otherwise have had.

Maybe you were wondering the benefit of giving lessons. Maybe you were thinking to yourself, I don’t see my child ever becoming famous on the piano, so why should I invest in lessons for them? Remind yourself in those moments, you give them lessons for so many more powerful reasons than fame or fortune. You give them lessons so they have new opportunities for friendships, so they have a healthy outlet to express their emotions, so they have a hobby that they will never get too old for. You give them lessons so they will believe in themself!

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