Teach your kids the notes on the piano in 4 easy steps!


It’s a lot easier than it sounds. If your child wants to learn to play one of the first things they should do is learn the keys on the piano.

Don’t use those stickers that tell you the keys. It is a huge handicap for kids that learn with stickers on the keys.

If you already have them on your piano/keyboard go ahead and take them off… Right now.

Ok, now that you’re back here is how to teach them the notes on the piano the right way :-)

Step 1: Have them identify the...

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We finally got our saddle fixed


My oldest girl, liz, loves her horse. But her horse is lazy and would get mad anytime she’d ride it and would throw her off.

Literally. Everyday. For 3 moths. Liz was thrown to the ground.

Today Liz rode for the first time without being thrown!

It’s just like piano. Sometimes it’s hard to play, a song seems impossible to learn, it’s boring to practice. Don’t give up on those times! Stick with it; the end result is so worth it!

What made today different for Liz?...

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Welcome to Parker Music Academy


Have you wanted your child to take piano lessons, but couldn’t? Maybe the weekly cost was too much, or maybe there was no time in the schedule for another commitment. 

Whatever your reason for postponing lessons, it is time to put the reasons aside and start today. 

There is a false idea that in order for your child to learn to play piano you must pay hundreds of dollars each month for private instruction and piano materials. Granted, once a student reaches a certain...

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