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Book - How To Teach Your Child Piano - Level 2 (Paperback)

An indispensable piano teaching book. How to Teach Your Child Piano brings together all the concepts that your child would learn in the second year of piano. Included are in depth explanations, musical examples, practice songs, and answer keys for the parents to check their child’s work. Think weekly in-person lessons by a qualified instructor brought to your home with this book, where you are taught to become the instructor for your child. Typical lessons for a year plus materials can cost $2000. With this book you get all you need for the second year of lessons for pennies on the dollar. 

This is the perfect piano teaching textbook to be used by parents for the student who has a little bit of piano background and is ready for the next step in their musical education. From kids to teens or even adults, anyone can learn to play piano with this book.

This is the right level for your child if:

  • They know all the notes on the piano
  • They can play C scale hands together
  • They know all their notes in both treble and bass clef
  • They know the meanings of and can play quarter notes, half notes, dotted quarter notes, whole notes and quarter rests.

What you'll get:

  • In depth explanations
  • Musical examples
  • Practice songs
  • Answer keys for parents to check their child’s work